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I know when my husband is cheating on me

I know when my husband is cheating on me. It’s funny, something like 60% of marriages end in infidelity, but you never think it’ll be yours. There are so many articles on it too, how to tell, what signs to watch for, ‘is he spending too much time at the office or just working hard?’. Crappy episodes on daytime TV. Some silly girl sobbing as it’s all revealed.

These articles, shows, dramas, they’re for weaker women. I knew the moment my husband didn’t love me anymore.

Oh, it’ll start small. He’ll smile more, for no reason. He’ll laugh at little things she says or does – things that he would have never in a million years found funny if you said them. And it’ll only get worse. His face will light up like a sun when he sees her. And he will see her – you can’t stop it. She’s everywhere in his life. Invasive, like a cancer. Or a leech. Sucking all of his attention and love away from you.

And then, even worse, his friends, your friends, will notice. They’ll tell you they’ve never seen him before like this, how happy he is. It’s enough to make you sick. And finally, he’ll tell you. Tell you he’s never felt love like this before, that he doesn’t know how he lived without her.

Well. Something had to be done, obviously. I love my husband. I’m not having some little temptress steal him away from me! What kind of woman would I be then? No. So I took matters into my own hands.

Thank god she’s still little. I don’t think I could have drowned her that easily if she could walk just yet.

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